Bar bites beating out fast food with multicultural millennials

A hamburger and soda cannot hold a candle to Kobe sliders and a craft cocktail. Millennials who have grown up on fast food are more than ready for better food and more sophisticated flavors.

According to restaurant industry surveys, the tapas craze may be fading. Oh, it will never be completely out of style. In fact, it has been the testing ground for how and what we Americans want to eat.

We want variety. We want choices. We still want it fast. And, we want it casual. Bar bites, smaller portions, ordering three appetizers instead of one entre have all become quite common in restaurants today. And, we don’t see that shifting for a long time. After all, it’s not only millennials who like to eat this way, it’s the baby boomers in front of them.

If we look at Middle Eastern gatherings, if we look at Asian family meals, we see lots of plates and bowls of many types of food. Those at the table take a bit of this and a spoonful of that. So, this “small bites” trend is really not a trend at all globally … just here in America. And, our bites are not so small.

People certainly are not eating out less, nor are they eating less food. It’s one of the reasons the Clearman’s family of restaurants have flourished for so many generations. Customers find quality food in quantities that make take home portions just right for small bites the next day.