What do millennials want in a restaurant?

Group Of Friends Enjoying Meal In Restaurant
That’s what every business wants to know. Millennials comprise the biggest consumer bubble since the Baby Boomers. You could say they are the generation that represents the children of the Boomers. Interestingly, the rebel portion of a millennial’s life is past and they are acting like their parents. Eeek! While some try new, untested restaurants with rule-breaking entrees, Clearman’s is seeing more and more 30-somethings who just want a comfortable, easy going place to end their day and have a quality meal. Two more things appealing about traditional family restaurants: You can bring the kids and know that the portions often create an entire ‘nuther meal for the next day.

Comfort, value, food you can trust cooked just the way you want … sound like something your parents might have valued?