Spring is a super busy eat-out time of year

Dine out in SpringSpring lends us Mother’s Day, graduations, weddings, Father’s Day, a full moon each month … okay, that’s kind of year-round. But truth is, when an occasion is at hand, families don’t load everyone into the car and go to a drive-through or a fast food establishment. You want an atmosphere of celebration and abundance. But kids, being kids, they want their hand-held devices. Teenagers want their Wi-Fi. Heck, so do you. Restaurants fought it for a few years by nearly all have added internet hotspots now. It’s a rare table at Clearman’s that doesn’t have at least one phone placed prominently just in case the babysitter can’t find the diaper rash cream. Or, more likely, if there’s an important search that must be conducted. Like where is the most broccoli grown?